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Fidson Healthcare launches MyAstymin website


In order to be sure that Astymin customers have easy access to information relating to the product, Fidson healthcare Plc, one of Nigeria’s leading healthcare conglomerates launched a website {MyAstymin}.

MyAstymin website launched by Fidson Healthcare Plc is very essential due to the ever improving operating environment in Nigeria.

This has become a necessity in creating awareness to the customers and sending a strong warning to the producers of adulterated version of Astymin which became worse as a result of the increasing consumers’ lack of easy access to information.

For the purpose of constantly providing information on the description of the original product as well as promoting the image of the organization , Fidson Healthcare stated their long term goals which can be of maximum benefit to Astymin.

Their goals are: Providing easy access to all information about Astymin and its benefit to health; providing updates on all Astymin project; providing easy access to health news from around the world along with collaborating with sites like Twitter and Facebook.

One of the main strategies in accomplishing these goals is through the use of internet which Fidson believes to be an avenue for constantly eliminating obstructions.

Ola Ijimakim, the general manager in the marketing department in Fidson Healthcare Plc said “we are able to access new ideas, more information, unlimited possibilities and a whole new world of communities”.

According to Ijimakim, “Nigeria has not been left behind in this ongoing revolution. The country was recently ranked number 10 on the list of countries by number of internet users in 2010”.

After compiling, the international telecommunication union discovered that 46 million of active users of the internet represented 28.4 percent of the country’s population. Additionally, due to the frequent internet usage by the large population of the Nigeria youth, this amount is predicted to triple by 2013.

“It is obvious that in the future, the internet will become an even more essential part of our lives so it’s only sensible for organizations and forward looking brands like Astymin to utilize this modern communication tool to their advantage. It is on this basis that we are launching a website that is fully dedicated to the Astymin brand”.

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