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PAN Astymin Nite

PANS Astymin Nite

Astymin is proud to be associated with Pharmaceutical Association of Nigerian Students (PANS), which is the umbrella body of Pharmacy students in Nigeria. Astymin has sponsored PANS national event for three consecutive years, providing moral and financial support to the student-pharmacists.

The flagship event - PANS Astymin Nite (featuring Mr and Miss Astymin), is a celebration of outstanding personality, elegance and sociability amongst the student-pharmacists.

Guests at the event, including Pharmacy students from other Universities across the country, as well special invitees -artistes and celebrities were treated to an exceptional night of fun and breathtaking experience.

Although there were several musical performances and dance competitions with lots of prizes and freebies for participants, the highpoint of the event is the Mr and Miss Astymin pageant.

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