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…And There Comes the True Knight in Shining Armour !


Wedding Day! A very special day that holds memorable experiences in the minds of couples, families and friends. There is no greater excitement in the heart of a bride than the joy of beholding “that perfect wedding” of her dreams.

To most women, the day they tie the knot with their dream guy is always the best moment of their lives. This is evident in the show of excitement, dance and merriment exhibited on the wedding ceremony.

Chiamaka Obi’s wedding preparation and the hassle that proceeded the D-day was one experience that aptly described the plight of an average African lady preparing for that most delightful day of her life.

Being great friends for a while, Chiamaka had dreamt of marriage with her ‘Mr Right’ for several years until the elusive ‘Dewale came asking the big question on the day she celebrated the 10th anniversary of her 21st birthday. No wonder the marriage meant so much to her.

Several sleepless nights was one situation Chiamaka never got away from no matter how calm she tried to be. Even when the wedding date was not in any way close, she counted every hour and marked every day in the calendar. During this period, she became so anxious, worrying about the turnout of invited guests, the glamour, thrills and buzzes of the occasion; and of course, about how her life would be transformed from a single lady to a married woman. All these got her somewhat apprehensive, so much that her health was almost affected.

Can we not talk about the stress Chiamaka went through during her wedding preparations? Walking round markets to get the right ‘asoebi’ material, her wedding accessories, gift items for guests, monitoring the graphic artist for the invitation designs, having to visit one uncle or the other, and some big ‘Ogas-at-the-top’ just to ensure everything went well at the end. It got to a point she even thought of eloping with her husband as an alternative to avoid all these ‘wahala’.

Although no bride will want to go through any health break down on her wedding day, but this can only be avoided if she receives adequate rest, stays off stress, and maintains her beauty which may also involve keeping fit ahead of that day. All of these were missing in Chiamaka’s case, and then the worst happened. Few days to her wedding, she broke down due to stress.

Her fiancé, Dewale became agitated and even thought of postponing the wedding to a later date. No way! …Family screamed; friends got disturbed and….

…like the Knight in shining armour, ASTYMIN to the rescue!

The D-day was here. Chiamaka looked so healthy, fit and dashingly beautiful. Her skin glowed and her smiles beamed radiantly like a shining star. (Fast forward)…and they live happily ever after!

Staying off stress, wearing that most beautiful look, and being physically and mentally alert is very essentially when you are planning your big day and can only be achieved when you make ASTYMIN your best friend in this critical period.

Like Chiamaka’s wedding, sometimes you get so engaged in a particular task or project whether personally or at our place of work/business that having the chance to eating healthy nutritional meals becomes a herculean task. And even the fatty snacks you resort to, do not provide all the essential multivitamin and minerals your body require to stay healthy.

ASTYMIN is a nutritional supplement that contains amino acids, vitamins and minerals. Amino acids are the building block of life and the body’s requirement for them helps increases in times of stress during daily living, general wellness, and strengthens the immune system by keeping the body mentally and physical alert.

Finally, ASTYMIN will also make a bride remain physically healthy that even in the midst of her stressful moments, she can sleep and wake up feeling sprightly and energetic as if there was nothing she did the night before. A bride is a bride, she will go as far as doing all it takes to ensure she has her dream wedding, which is why she will want her friends around her, and above all, her best friend and true Knight in shining armour - ASTYMIN.

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